Thursday, October 13, 2016

Here's how they made mummies 2,500 years ago:

TOP: Scene of embalming, papyrus, reconstruction of a fresco from the Theban tomb of Sennedjem, original dating from the 19th dynasty of ancient Egypt. Istituto Del Papiro, Cairo, Egypt. BELOW: Egyptian animal mummies in the British Museum, courtesy of Wikipedia. DeAgostini/Getty Images

Making a Mummy

A Death

After an important man would die, the family put mud on their heads and faces. They walked through the city. They would all hit their chests. This showed the family was sad. Then the dead person was taken to be embalmed. To be embalmed means to make the body stay together longer.

Ways To Make A Mummy

All living things break down after they die. An embalmer in Egypt was like a doctor. Their job was to take care of the body. First, the insides of the body were taken out. They filled the body with plants that smelled good. It was put in salt for 70 days. This made it last longer. Then, the body was wrapped with pieces of cloth. Next, the family took the mummy home. They put the mummy in a box that was shaped like a man. It was put in a room for the dead.

Some Animals Were Mummies, Too

Some animals were made to be mummies. Cats that died were taken to a special city. They were made into mummies. Then they were buried. Mummy dogs were buried where they lived. Mummy bears and wolves were buried where they were found.
Some Egyptians thought crocodiles were special animals. They would pick out one special crocodile. They put jewelry on it. They fed it. The crocodile was embalmed and buried after it died.
Other Egyptians did not do this. They ate the crocodiles.

And here's how OUR CLASS made 
a Mummy on Monday: