Thursday, January 30, 2014

Today we measured everything!

Including Ethan's hair! It's 9 inches long!

Comprehension: Like a BOSS!

Mommy Bird Feeds Her Chicks

A bunch of baby chicks hatch to a mommy bird. She knows her young ones are hungry and that they will need to eat. She knows she has to go out hunting for them.

Big and strong and full of might, the mommy bird is a capable hunter. She is a hawk with sharp eyes and big talons. Talons are bird claws.

The nest is up high in a towering oak tree. The chicks are hungry. The mommy bird takes off into the sky to find food.

She soars through the air. The sun is out. There are no clouds, and the wind is  blowing cool. The mommy bird enjoys the free feeling of flying.

Down below on the ground she spots a little mouse. She makes her move. With incredible speed, she dips her wings and begins shooting toward the ground. She pounces on the mouse and eats it up. Now she has food and can feed her babies.

The mommy bird flies back to the nest. Her chicks are chirping away, ready to be fed. Their feathers are light and fluffy, and their little bird faces are cute. The mommy bird regurgitates the mouse that she ate. Regurgitate is another way of saying that she brings the food she swallowed back up to her mouth.

The mommy bird opens her mouth and the little chicks peck at it, eating away and getting their fill. The mommy bird knows she has done her job. This is how the mommy bird ensures that her young ones will grow up to be big and strong. This is how she helps them survive.

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