Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Science Experiment!

Our Incredible Science Experiment!
          This morning we got to do an amazing science experiment by poking a pencil through a bag of water. First, we had to gather all the supplies. We needed a large Ziploc baggy, a box of twelve sharpened pencils, and some water from the faucet. Next, Mr. Slay had us predict what would happen to the bag full of water. I thought it was going to pop and spill water all over the place. I was really felling curious about the whole thing. Finally, we performed the experiment in class. We filled the bag with water, sealed it at the top, and then Mr. Slay called students up to poke pencils through it. I poked my pencil in one side and out the other and it didn’t even spill! It was incredible! I hope that we can do more exciting science experiments like this throughout the year.